About Me

My name is David Catalan aka “King David”. I am a tonsorial artist (barber) who is currently operating in Denton, TX. I am passionate about my craft and being able to serve others with the art that I love. My purpose and goal in the barber industry can be expressed in many ways: My profession is not only a means of provision for my family, but a means of serving others in the community with a standard of excellence. I value each customer who sits in my chair as a client and as a person. With each haircut, I practice clear communication and invest time with each client to achieve the cut they desire. I ,also, specialize in precision blending and paying special attention to every detail of the cut. I serve a wide range of customers of all hairstyles, hair textures, and ages. I enjoy many facets of the industry, but none can top the relationships that I am able to build with the people I serve. I love meeting new people and being able to hear their story and being able to share mine. I feel privileged every day to do my part in helping others reach their maximum potential, not only in appearance, but as a person altogether.

Hope to serve you, soon…the throne awaits you!!!

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